How can i order an item?

• After choosing the product and selected size I insert it in the shopping bag by clicking on "add to shopping bag"

• From here you can start the order by clicking on "Proceed to checkout" or continue shopping to add other products to the shopping bag

• To go to the compilation of the address and the choice of the method of payment click on "Proceed to checkout"

• Enter your email address and password that will allow you to access your account

• Indicates the address where you want to receive the product

• Confirmation expenses spedione selecting the option you prefer and accept the general conditions of sale

• Select the method of payment

• Click on "Confirm" to complete the purchase

• If the purchase is unsuccessful you will receive an order confirmation email

• When your package will be sent will receive an email with a code CONFIRMATION OF DISPATCH, with which you can draw from your order today.


How can I return a product?

The return is expected in case:

• THERE IS A COOLING ON THE ACQUISITION (required by law): You can request a return authorization (COST TRANSPORTATION CHARGES CUSTOMER) with sending mails and reason to request the return (within 15 days from the order). In this case send you a voucher for the same amount of the previous purchase, to spend on, or he will be refunded the cost.

• IN CASE OF DAMAGED GOODS: E 'must be requested authorization to return FREE by sending mails and some photos which prove that the product is broken / damaged. send the courier (FREE) and for the collection and delivery of the new product. Or to his preference, may request to be reimbursed.

• IN CASE OF GOODS NOT SUBJECT TO ORDERS:The customer must request authorization to return FREE with sending mails and photos to demonstrate the non-compliance. send the courier (FREE) and for the collection and delivery of the new product. Or to his preference, may request to be reimbursed.

How is the refund?

After receiving and checking your return, we will refund the items sent. The refund will be after 10 days from the time when we will send the pack. You will receive an email with confirmation of receipt of the package and reimbursement. You can choose to be refunded via a credit to be used directly on the site or by bank and / or credit on your credit card or paypal. If you prefer to be reimbursed according to the mode change occurred with the payment.

 • If payment is made by bank reimbursement shall be by bank transfer. Prepare the data related to your account:

1. Account holder (name): The refund can be made to an account in the name of yourself, or another trusted person. E 'therefore always very important, so that the transaction is successful, specify the name of the account reference.

2. IBAN: Each account has an IBAN reference, which consists of 27 characters. You can find it in your personal page within the online services of your bank, or on the documents that the bank issued you, or by contacting directly to your branch. The Italian IBAN always starts with the letters E, then follow always two control numbers, and then again a letter (code CIN).

3. BIC / SWIFT: the BIC (SWIFT) is a bank identification code that consists of 8 characters, which can follow three characters that identify specifically the bank branch reference. You can find it in your personal page within the online services of your bank, or on the documents that the bank issued you, or by contacting directly to your branch. With these three data we have all the information necessary to complete the transaction. If the data is not correct, the refund may be delayed due to additional checks to be made.

4. Bank (type the name of your bank)

If payment is made by credit card repayment materializes by credit card. The amount (integral) of the returned items will be automatically credited to the account corresponding to the card used. The timing of crediting your account may vary from one bank to another.

 • If payment is half paypall, repayment materializes through paypall. The amount of the returned items will be credited to the PayPal account used for purchase.

If you decide to be refunded by credit received your return, we will provide you the personal account of the amount corresponding to the returned items that can be used immediately for the next purchase. This can not be converted in the future into other form of reimbursement (eg transfer or redemption of a credit card).

For any questions concerning refunds, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service to the email

Where is your pack?

Through the Shipping Confirmation Email you can check the delivery status of your order. Here is the code reported Shipping method of your package by clicking on the link after the sentence: "To know where your package click on the following link" rewrite the code address and we will give all the information indicated by where your shipment

If you do not receive the goods within a week by e-mail confirming shipment, please let our customer service

When a product is sold out, you may fall in the range?Yes. By treating new collections we have the opportunity to ask our suppliers reassortment of products or sizes exhausted, done of course except for the unique pieces.

The products are sent with the original tags?

Yes. The products are not in any way manipulated by and are shipped with labels and original packaging. If available are also sent certificates of originality.

Can i delete my account?

If you want to delete your account on, simply contact us via email. Following the removal of the account, you will no longer have access to orders already confirmed and paid and also lose the recorded data that can not be recovered even from us. Would be useful if you communicate the reasons for your cancellation request, in order to continuously improve our service

What are the payment methods?

You can pay by bank transfer - Paypal - MasterCard - Visa. All the details you can read them in the page Secure Checkout